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GF/OP Update: 01/28/2021

Hello Everyone
Fantastic Webinar Today…Our CEO keeps delivering
Please Please Please…Do what you can to attend
…You need to FEEL it…Recap or Recording
is not a replacement for the REAL LIVE Event
Susie McCrea and Cyndee Hopkins
welcomed everyone…Great job as usual
Triela Williams
Provided Sign language for those in need
Marty DeGarmo
Please remember NOT to share Private Webinars
…they are ONLY for Active Founders
More and more Founders are starting to
be more confident about sharing ONPASSIVE
Corinne I. Mikes
2 days ago visited an Arabic Zoom
…dont understand Arabic but could catch
the Loving Spirit of all the Founders on the webinar
In Community…one of the Arabic leaders shared the following
…ONPASSIVE is a technological revolution that is inevitable
…take the time you need to become the oxygen that the
internet planet breathes…Special shout out to these Founders
as we continue to bond from country to country
Dr. Bill Williams
Teams of 6…six weeks to six figures
Seal team six…panic is not a strategy or Option
“The Power Teamwork” is a great way to plan
for the next weeks or months before the Hard Launch
that we can focus on building our Teams
Darrell Cook
Going to all local community stores and asking if they have heard
about ONPASSIVE…a lot of great conversations have come up
…something you may want to consider doing
Alberto Sanchez
In the last 7 months we have created something incredible
…have never seen this growth in any company…
We will be one of , if not the BEST, company in the world
Angela Currie
I am fired up…I am inspired by our CEO Ash Mufareh
Everyday I make every conversation count by being positive
showing my excitement…so that it becomes contagious
as I continue to speaking to others about OnPassive
Get fired up…in your conversations
Jeffrey Morlock
Thank you Dr. Bill for all the info you put out
because I think you are so knowledgeable
and educated and you understand so much more
about success than most of us founders
OnPassive is a total internet solution…meaning if you want it
or need it online OnPassive has it or will provide it for you
…we will be able to engage with everyone on the Internet
over 5Billion Users…we will continue to improve and develop
all these products and we will be bringing so much more to market
…so it is these things that we offer and have planned
that we will accomplish that will take us into the future
…filled with AI with Heart which has everything to do with
Helping Humanity…
OnPassive is a 100% debt free company right now
with almost 500,000 customers in waiting
…a membership based that is bigger than most companies out there
OnPassive is very well funded…can easily refund everyone of us
and still launch as a debt free company…
OnPassive is looking for your Visionary judgment
that you are in it to win it…your $97 is to ensure
that many don’t come with the wrong Heart
…Take Away is that this is a REAL Business
Marina Favit
Please plug in to understand how your business work
…if you want to share with others…please use your Link
from your Back Office under MY LINKS tab…
If by chance someone has signed up under you by mistake
and they contact you to be moved under their correct sponsor
please cooperate with the process as quickly as possible
Support will check that all is correct…and the right thing will be done
Some people listen…while some pay attention
We have changed some of the wording that we use…
…matrix, spillover, 4 packages, etc.
Just know that things are 10 times better than before
…all will be revealed in time to our Advantage
No limitations on your Business…No limitations on your Income
Soft launch is coming…Testing of Products is coming
Hard Launch is coming…Enjoy the life changing journey
Sean Cyrus
Our CEO Ash Mufareh has emphasised the word Support
…we are all here for you…reach out if you need help
Get plugged into a Support System…don’t stand alone
Leadership Council members are here to help you
Paul Angus
We have 500,000 now and when we get started
we are all going to use the products…so one of the
first thing we will do…is share the products with our
family and friends…to take the free 7 day trial
…they will not want to give back the products
so they will become customers and or resellers
…so your 3 customers is taken care of
Imagine when you have 500,000 doing just that
…massive growth will come from this activity alone
before the company even starts to work for all of us
Red Redfern
7 Day Free Trial
Anyone thinking of having their own business on OnPassive Platform
…best thing that is going to happen to them…from every person that
clicks a good amount will become customers or even resellers
we will be resellers of onpassive
so anytime we invite anyone to our links
they will get a free 7 day trial…
everyone will love it…and you will get a lot of
customers coming into your team…even resellers
The company campaigns will also be getting 7 day free trial members
for you…and this will explode your team
Plus if you get any big businesses coming in
just imagine how it can explode your business
This one aspect of onpassive…and it is an easy sell
very simple to do…
Marina Favit
In Leadership Council tab I have listed Youtube channels
please subscribe to all of them so that you can get
notifications when new videos come out
Vivian Rodriguez
One of the things we have a challenge with
is allowing ourselves to dream…wrapping our minds
around how big this company is…
With the abundance that we will all have…we will be able to
live out our dreams and not only will we have what we want
but we will be able to help so many others…
The BEST thing you can do is plug into the system
educate yourselves by attending zoom calls
so that the fear of Dreaming is removed
Stay plugged in…and you will understand
that it is a Done Deal…
Marty DeGarmo
If you plug people in…their belief level will grow
…the light bulb will go off
when you plug them in…their team will grow
from 10 to 100 to 500 and beyond
Dan Street
For new Founders that are wondering who they know
…you never know who you know
and where they will take you…or what country they will take you
…by plugin in you will develop relationships
Susie McCrea
“The Magic of thinking Big”
Excellent book…please read it
a lot of us have comparisonitis
where we compare ourselves to others
…don’t compare yourself to others
Try to be a little bit better everyday
you will posture differently…talk different
Keep working on your personal habits
Michael Williams-AIM
Mega-rich recoup COVID-losses in record-time

yet billions will live in poverty for at least a decade
Published: 25th January 2021


The 1,000 richest people on the planet recouped their COVID-19 losses within just
nine months, but it could take more than a decade for the world’s poorest to recover
from the economic impacts of the pandemic…

Billionaires fortunes rebounded as stock markets recovered despite continued recession
in the real economy. Their total wealth hit $11.95 trillion in December 2020, equivalent to
G20 governments’ total COVID-19 recovery spending. The road to recovery will be much
longer for people who were already struggling pre-COVID-19.

According to Forbes the 10 richest people, as of December 31st 2020, have seen their
fortunes grow by $540 billion dollars since 18 March 2020. The 10 richest men were
listed as: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault and family, Bill Gates, Mark
Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffett, Zhong Shanshan, Larry Page, and Mukesh Ambani.


The World Bank has simulated what the impact of an increase in inequality in almost
every country at once would mean for global poverty. The Bank finds that if inequality 
increases by 2 percentage points annually and global per capita GDP growth contracts
by 8 percent, 501 million more people will still be living on less than $5.50 a day in 2030
compared with a scenario where there is no increase in inequality. As a result, global
poverty levels would be higher in 2030 than they were before the pandemic struck, with
3.4 billion people still living on less than $5.50 a day.

We can help so many more than what we have helped thus far by introducing them
to ONPASSIVE…Can you Imagine how their lives will be changed in the NEXT 12
MONTHS…and years to come…there is no other way for them to recover…but we have
the SOLUTION…Let’s do better…Let’s do More…Because we can!   Open your mouth
and share…a video…a link…Let them say No they are not interested…at least you
would have done your part…
Alberto Sanchez
Dream again…and give the possibility to other people
so that their dreams can also come through
We have just hit 469,000 Founders all around the globe
and we have not started yet…things are heating up
This is no longer Ash’s show…I am now a guest on these webinars
I do not need to be here or on here all the time…we have capable
Leaders on the Council that can carry on
We have a role now to change the scary statistic
that exist in our economy and what is to come
…we’re doing something about it
…which is why ONPASSIVE was created…
Something was missing…something was wrong
with the entire Digital World (Internet)…mostly
killing time…which is killing lives
Because the internet was not structured properly
there was and is a lot of misuse
Facebook is the largest media platform on the planet
…it was an accident…not an organized business
it was random…with no plan
We think Mark Zuckerberg is the brain behind Facebook
but that is not true…a few Harvard students
wanted to create something for their local campus
…a couple of the students created the website
long story short…Zuckerberg was presented as the Hero
For those who lack Social skills….Facebook was for them
but it was localized…just for Harvard campus users
…then public got a hold of it…and now up to 2.5Billion users
so they made a business around it…and decided to sell users
info to make money
Google…Larry Page and Sergey Brin grad students
whose thesis was to create a Search Engine
…at the time…AOL, Yahoo, etc. was around
…this was not organized but rather a student project
and then they decided to build a business around it
23 years later we see Google as it is today
GMAIL took 5 years to get going
…it was horrible… a lot of Spam messages, etc.
Apple…started in a garage but it was a business model
from day one…close to 2 Trillion Dollar company today
Microsoft..15 year old who had the skills to build it
but not the capacity to take care of all the logistics
…he took a big risk…and of course it paid off
ONPASSIVE…close to half a million visionaries
…we saw the vision before we started the business
…over 600 employees
…like the guy who sharpened his Axe for 6 hours
and very quickly chop down the tree…while the other guy
ran out of breath using a Dull axe…we are sharpening our axe
It is unbelievable what we are doing…and the time
we are doing it in…all of our products have taken months
…not years…everything is planned…not an accident
We have changed…we are growing…we have evolved
Gursminder Dhillon
…Ash…you are delivering
You delivered the name of our company back in Sept 2018
you delivered GoFounders back in Dec 2018
and over time you continue to deliver
Often times we let our Doubts steal our Dreams
…you have to do your own due diligence
and listen to your gut feeling to make your decision
Have you heard of anyone who HATES their job
yet they spend a lot of time at their job
In Japan…high rate of suicide because of being
a workaholic while hating their jobs
If you don’t like what you are doing
and you are skeptical about it…
Quit doing it…Life is too Short…
We are doing a recruiting drive every Saturday
for more Staff…found 2 more Data Scientists
for a total of 3 within our company
We are ahead of the game with the Products
that we will start off with…most likely 8 products
in the month of February instead of 1 per week for testing
O-Tracker…tracks the data of visitors
and add that data to our database…
…it is already set in 3 countries
O-Tracker and O-Virtual (VPN)…Billions of Dollars
Will give you the Internet Speed of the Host instead
of your local provider…
You will be able to log in..and choose a country and region
to make it more suitable to your usage…in March we will
be in 20 countries with this…most VPN don’t reach 15 countries
O-Tracker…some countries will not give us the data for free
but by the time we gather all the database records we will
own the Internet…How do you monetize that?
We are getting a lot of attention
…every time you pass a phase in the Auditing process
that we are volunteering to go through…when the whole thing
is over…we will be unleashed as to what we can say
…Governments are aware of what is coming
we are trying to slow down with the Media on what is coming out
Forbes is looking to publish something about ONPASSIVE
CNBC is also looking to feature something on ONPASSIVE
If anyone has doubts…it is not from ONPASSIVE side
it is from within…OnPassive will be the Biggest company
history have ever witness…we will own the Digital World
…not just one Billionaire but having so many financially free
people in every country
INVOICES…every founder will have an invoice
in their back office where you now have the NDA
Next Thursday is the 4th of February
and we want to do a product review
…we will have OnPassive New Website
24 products will be listed with their own video
…website will be legally compliant
Everything we do in onpassive is fast and secure
moving the money is a challenge there is not
one solution that is sufficient to handle our needs.
This kind of solution will not be available on day one
…but ultimately it will be available in the future
There will be a Traffic component…
There will be a Blockchain component…
…but don’t connect it to what you already know or what you think
because Not only crypto currency that shares encrypted data
How can we make something universal that is encrypted?
Machine Learning, Traffic, and Money
…onpassive has combined it all into a solution
There is a need for Digital money…but none that the
whole world agrees on…is it cryptocurrency? possibly…
Not traditional crypto…government will not be against it
ONPASSIVE is the Restoration of the Digital World including
the financial system…and we are all Partners as Founders
Money is no longer an issue…say a year from now
…you will no longer base your decisions on cost
You will then be wiser…in your decision making
Buying better food…taking better care of yourself
ega Product Launch is set
Soft launch is a part of the Hard (Full) Launch
…when we see it (Soft Launch)…it is all over…
It is inevitable…we need it…we have to have 100% testing of Traffic,
Products, licensing…and it is phased into the hard Launch
People will do better when they know better
but many judge without knowing all the facts
and that’s ok…I take it all…for all of us…
…to make sure our Vision of OnPasive is realised.
OnPassive is a very emotional journey…it will be a
great lesson and transformation for a lot of believers
The technology that we have created made me cry
…we are very proud of what we have created…
Put your Faith in something that is bigger than yourself
God is Great…
Neeraj Dalvi
13 products submitted to the USA government…Update?
Ash…Patent pending/copyright/etc. it is done
but may take time for all issuance
5 Countries…licensing…status update?
Ash…India and the USA are done…
the others are in the works and will be done over time
Susie McCrea
Difficulties with payment in and out
and you said…if it does not exist…OnPassive will create it
Ash…Yes…that started the process…we have solution
but that solution will eventually be inadequate
so we are planning for that day…
Sean Cyrus
What can we expect from Soft Launch…what will it look like?
Ash…Tech team will let us know what is required of Founders
…some products will be put to some founders…while others to all Founders
Red Redfern
Have you got any plans for collaboration
with anyone like Mary Kay, Elon Musk?
Ash…have no contact with Elon Musk
but maybe in future and with others if it is needed.
As we get closer to launch…links in the back office will change
…will it change for acquiring customers, resellers, 7 day trial?
Ash…Only Founders will have the links that we know now
but links will be redirected to your OWN Domain…so we will not lose traffic
O-Trim…has been revamped…more info to come
What happens to Pending Founders?
Ash…they may get cleared out…but will not
become automatic Free Trial members
David Bacau
Onpassive is a life changing experience
…can we have something in the back office
for some sort of “Will” for our account?
Triela Williams
can someone using O-Cademy get a degree
Ash…No…unless the person who is teaching the class or course
has the qualification to provide Degree or Certificate or Diploma
Is price included in the package for the courses?
Ash…No…some will be free …some will be paid
depends on the person providing the education
O-Cademy is lined up as the first Product to be released
Dr Bill Williams
You spoke about O-Pal before can you
share what it is that you like about it?
Ash…I will have my onpassive platform open
I will have O-Pal enabled all the time
and if I want to talk to my mom…I can…Video, or text,
if I want to launch a  webinar I can…etc.
Think of Skype but rather a more user friendly with more abilities
…voice over IP (VOIP)…it will archived so it preserve my memory
in a way…and it is all integrated with everything in onpassvie
similar to Slack…more business oriented than O-Pal
Vandana Nanda
O-Cademy…Will we sell it to Universities?
Ash…They will come to us…because we will be more cost effective
Organic Traffic already started?
Facial Recognition Technology at Hyderabad Office
is being tweaked…not 100% there as yet…will be used for O-Cademy
Darrell Cook
If I am a student watching a recorded course
can I ask a question…and the AI gives me an answer?
Ash…Every product has the O-Chatbot integrated so yes
Neeraj Dalvi
How to attract influencers
Ash…to monetize being an influencer
website or platform is receiving traffic that you’re sending
based upon your followers…you get paid (youtube) $1 per 1000 views
and you get one time payment…so 1 million views = $1000
With onpassvie…O-Net or O-Connect
your followers…say 1 Million viewers…how many will become
a customer and or reseller with onpassive…do the Math
How much will that be? And it is monthly…and they in turn
have the ability to do the same
…1 Million viewers…say 10% over time…they became a customer
that is 100,000 even at $1 each…that is $100,000 and it is monthly
and you don’t have to produce another video…if you don’t want to
or…at $10 each…that’s $1Million per month
And the other 900,000 viewers…the system will still follow up
with them and they will buy or die(unsubscribe)
And this will grow…without you lifting a finger
…the 900,000 if they don’t buy into onpassive
you can showcase your products in the OnPassive Marketplace
so that these 900,000 may buy there…
if your Business Sell, say Mary Kay products
you can have it listed in marketplace
Marketplace is only for Founders…
If those that come to buy that product…they go under the Founder
that introduces Mary Kay to onpassive…
Then Mary Kay can come to onpassive
to do a joint venture…Step one would be joining onpassive
…then step 2 would be to join Mary Kay
…and now they have a way to build their Mary Kay Business
No more Mary Kay distributors who can’t sell and or recruit
If you like what you have heard…come back next week
and bring someone with you…your Founders…
There is NOTHING like the LIVE Webinars
…these recaps will not be forever…it is NOT the Same
as listening live…LIVE is also than even the Recordings
Best Regards,
Michael Williams-AIM
I know there was a post in Community that Chris from UK was first
to achieve 1000 Personal sign ups…but that is incorrect…and of course
I will not correct that info…but just so you know…I already did that back
on Jan 14th…as it was a Goal of mine…to be THE FIRST…:) Currently I
have 1056 Personal sign ups…not including the 108 in my other accounts.


Why the discrepancy you say on the leaderboard?
You will notice that it says at the TOP of the page that leaderboard is from
573 DAYS ago…which is from JULY 01, 2019. From July 2018…is tracked
in your “MY TEAM” tab…In all fairness to Chris he did it FASTER than me
in ONLY 5 Months…so he has that distinction…He and I will continue to battle
as I am competitive by Nature…and according to Chris…I inspired him to go
for it as he did not think it was possible to achieve such…until he saw what I was
doing…so you never know who you will Inspire…Keep shooting for the STARS.