BEST $2 Business



I’ve just past my 25% milestone in Group 2 (25 out of 100) which I have now 27 people.  After several email and discussion, I’ve decided to change something to get faster signups.  Instead of postcards, I’m going with online traffic which makes the most sense in terms of expenses.   Think about it, If I went with 100 postcards a week and that’s $35 and total would be about $140 per month whereas online traffic would cost me about $40 and I would be getting 24 more times the traffic than the postcards.  That’s 2,400 visitors.   Going to check it out and keep you posted.  One more signup and I will post my YTD status.

Here’s the latest email that I’ve received.

Congratulations! …. you had a sign up into your Group 2
You now have 10  sign ups in your Group 1, 27 in Group 2, 2 in group 3,
and 1 in Group 4
We’ll keep you updated when you have more.
Have a Great day!