BEST $2 Business


Hi, It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve joined and here are the stats I have as of now. I’m going to start copying and pasting whenever I get updates from the admin of 2Biz from now on so that you can see the results. That’s $70 with Groups #1, #2, and #3 so I surprised when I got one for Group #4 back in 10/18/2020 but decided to let this one go but if another one ever shows up in #4 again then I’m going to have to jump in and be prepared to get 2 more afterwards then I would have collect $1,000 then I would be in profit of $300 after paying in for $700.


Congratulations! …. you had a sign up into your Group 2

You now have 10  sign ups in your Group 1, 5 in Group 2, 2 in group 3,
and 1 in Group 4

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